Dienstag, 3. Juni 2008

Mash-Up Your Bootz Party Sampler Vol. 8

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1. Nena vs. Jay-Z - 99 Luft Problems [DJ Morgoth's German Edit] (5:02)
2. The Four Tops vs. Amy Winehouse - Rehab (Can't Help Myself) [Party Ben] (3:59)
3. Rick James vs. Tag Team - Superwhoomp [JayBee] (2:18)
4. Jamiroquai vs. Sly & The Family Stone vs. Grandmaster Flash vs. Svinkels - Deep Message [DJ Moule] (3:46)
5. Kriss Kross vs. House Of Pain vs. Busta Rhymes - Touch (Jumpin' Mix) [Cheekyboy] (3:39)
6. Dizzy Rascal vs. New Order - Blue Rascal [Blo Up] (2:51)
7. Axel F. vs. Usher - Axel Yeah / Usher Foley [DJ Crook Air] (3:27)
8. Daft Punk vs. Dead Or Alive vs. Britney Spears vs. Justice - Britney: Dead or Alive (Radio Version) [team9] (3:23)
9. Shapeshifters vs. No Doubt - Hella Lola [Go Home Productions] (5:27)
10. Thomas Anderson vs. M.I.A. - Washing Up M.I.A. [DJ Shir Khan] (5:34)
11. The Egg vs. Nelly Furtado vs. Madonna - Say It Right Away [DJ Earworm] (5:08)
12. Digitalism vs. The Killers vs. Fatboy Slim - Idealistic Brightside Night [Dr.Waumiau] (4:16)
13. Bloc Party vs. Soulja Boy - Crank Dat Party [Kitch] (3:24)
14. Rammstein vs. Kelly Clarkson - Since You've Been Rosenrot [DJ Schmolli] (3:39)
15. Linkin Park vs. Genesis - What I've Confused [DJ MaxEntropy] (3:48)
16. Franz Ferdinand vs. Run-DMC vs. The Knack - Do you wanna cuz it's Tricky my Sharona [Triftshop XL] (3:09)
17. Bronski Beat vs. One Republic feat. Timbaland - Small Town Apology [team9 vs. Stereogum] (3:24)
18. Nelly Furtado vs. Sido - All Good Strassenjungen [DJ Clive$ter] (4:41)

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