Montag, 26. Januar 2009

Mash-Up Your Bootz Party Sampler Vol. 20

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01. Wu-Tang Clan vs. System Of A Down vs. Nine Inch Nails vs. Queens Of The Stone Age - Shame on a Bootlegga [ToToM] (2:10)
02. War vs. Fatboy Slim - NightRider [Cheekyboy] (4:30)
03. 10CC vs. Destiny's Child - Dreadlock Child [Soulwax] (3:31)
04. El Guincho vs. Pitbull feat. Lil Jon - Anthemillas [ABX] (4:01)
05. Santogold vs. Kanye West - L.E.S. Lockdown [DJ Lobsterdust] (3:42)
06. Daft Punk vs. Hard-Fi - Hard To Boot [Dunproofin'] (4:5)
07. Lady Gaga vs. Bullet For My Valentine - Scream Aim Dance [DJ Schmolli] (3:05)
08. The Prodigy vs. Akon & Eminem vs. Rihanna - Smack That Firestarter And Don't Stop The Music [Dr.Waumiau] (4:41)
09. Evil 9 vs. Foo Fighters - Twist The Knife vs. Everlong [Aggro1] (4:01)
10. The Prodigy & Pendulum vs. Limp Bizkit - Voodoo Bizkits [DaveRemix] (4:58)
11. Fear Factory vs. Die Fantastischen Vier - Troyer Edgecrusher [DJ Morgoth] (4:37)
12. Rage Against The Machine vs. Beastie Boys - Check The Rage Out [DJ Zebra] (1:56)
13. Sex Pistols vs. Ce Ce Peniston - Finally, Did You No Wrong [Go Home Productions] (2:29)
14. Blur vs. No Doubt - Dancing Boys and Girls [ElectroSound] (4:36)
15. Rolling Stones vs. Eminem vs. Fatboy Slim - Jam In My Room [DJ Moule] (3:42)
16. Scissor Sisters vs. Carl Douglas vs. Wham! - Kung Fu Dancing [DJ Gauffie] (4:25)
17. The Andy Griffith Show Theme vs. Beyoncé - Single Ladies (In Mayberry) [Party Ben] (2:51)
18. Human League vs. Rick Astley - Don't You Ever Give Up Wanting Me [MadMixMustang] (5:08)

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