Sonntag, 26. April 2009

Mash-Up Your Bootz Party Sampler Vol. 23

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01. The Ting Tings vs. Beastie Boys vs. Metallica - Shut Up Brooklyn Sandman [DJ Schmolli] (3:00)
02. Kelly Clarkson vs. Pink vs. Ozzy Osbourne vs. Daft Punk - My Life On The Crazy Train Sucks (So What?) [Dan Mei & Marc Johnce] (3:35)
03. Michael Sembello vs. The Killers - Somebody Told Me She's A Maniac [MadMixMustang] (4:09)
04. Dead Or Alive vs. Tears For Fears - Spin Shout Right Round [DJ not-I] (4:36)
05. Rihanna vs. Lady Gaga - Shut Up And Dance [DJ Fac] (3:53)
06. Yuksek feat. Chromeo vs. Oasis - So Down Forever [ComaR] (3:31)
07. Moby vs. Covenant - We Are All Made Of Dead Stars [Tristan Shout] (4:02)
08. Daddy Yankee vs. Will Smith- Start The Party With Gasolina [DJ Prince] (3:35)
09. Bonde Do Role vs. Ludacris - Bonde Do Roll Out [ABX] (3:01)
10. Black Eyed Peas vs. The Beatles vs. The Clipse vs. Kelis - Black Beatles [Loo & Placido] (3:02)
11. Cher vs. Snoop Dogg - Believe In Sexual Eruption [A plus D] (4:58)
12. MGMT vs. Die Fantastischen Vier vs. Daft Punk vs. Just Jack - Troy Kids Make It Harder Stronger Better Faster [Mashup-Germany] (5:41)
13. White Stripes vs. Eric B & Rakim vs. MARRS - Pump Up The Doorbell [Party Ben] (3:57)
14. The Sweet vs. Beastie Boys - Right Right Ballroom Blitz [Stab] (4:10)
15. Morcheeba vs. Meat Loaf - River Bad [DJ Lobsterdust] (5:45)
16. Radiohead vs. Kanye West - Reckoner Lockdown [DJ Earworm] (5:05)
17. 2Pac vs. Coheed & Cambria - Welcome Home Mama [DJ Morgoth] (3:40)

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3 Kommentare:

Anonym hat gesagt…

hab grad was über mash-ups geschrieben könnt euch interessieren, denn ihr seid auch mit dabei

Unknown hat gesagt…

It's a very good medicine for my lack of concentration... Congratz!

I Listen Mash-Up for better health since 2005!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hello! Congratulations. I'm from Brazil. You guys are so damn good! Woooooow, I love the mash-ups sooooo much. Thanks to share this with all of us. xoxo,