Dienstag, 3. Juni 2008

Mash-Up Your Bootz Party Sampler Vol. 5

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1. Fujikato vs. Ying Yang Twins vs. Eminem vs. Sean Paul - God Shake The Queen [Robosonic The Hedgehog] (6:01)
2. Depeche Mode vs. YoMajesty feat. Enya - Just Can't Get Club Action [DJ Paul V.] (4:11)
3. Ascii.Disko vs. Planetakis - Black Metal Pogo (German Version) [DJ Morgoth] (4:04)
4. Daft Punk vs. Slayer vs. Pussycat Dolls vs. Limp Bizkit - Don't Cha Take A Robot Around South Of Heaven [DJ Schmolli] (4:49)
5. White Stripes vs. Led Zeppelin - Icky Thump Whole Lotta Funk [DJ Zebra] (4:01)
6. Blur vs. Tag Team - Whoomp There's The Song 2 [Dave Remix] (2:30)
7. Yazoo vs. The Knack - Don't Go Sharona [Torero Bootleg Productions] (2:12)
8. Arctic Monkeys vs. Rick James - Old yellow freak [DJ Zebra] (3:01)
9. The Mohawks vs. Ini Kamoze vs. AC/DC - (Here Comes The) Champ In Black [DJ BC, Solcofn & ComaR] (3:46)
10. Elton John vs. Will Smith - I'm Still Fresh [Sean McColgan] (3:23)
11. Bee Gees vs. Pink Floyd - Stayin' Alive In The Wall [Wax Audio] (3:16)
12. Queen & David Bowie vs. Micheal Jackson vs. Robbie Williams - Robbie Over Jacko (Under Pressure) [Go Home Productions] (3:59)
13. Earth, Wind & Fire vs. The Beatles - Falling In September [Voicedude] (5:25)
14. DJ Delicious presents Phunk-A-Delic vs. Akon - Rockin' vs. Smack That [MasterMix] (3:45)
15. The Marvelettes vs. Tone Loc - Oh Yeh!? [Poj Masta] (3:10)
16. Dr. Dre vs. Queen - The Next Episode Will Rock You [ToToM] (1:20)
17. Amerie vs. The Mims vs. Lil Wayne - Gotta Work Like This [DJ MaxEntropy] (3:10)
18. Nelly Furtado feat. Timbaland vs. The Chemical Brothers vs. Ciara feat. Missy Elliott - 1,2 Step Salmon Right? [Dr.Waumiau] (3:46)
19. Rihanna vs. Faithless vs. Mark Ronson - Unfaithless [ThEhOmOgEnIcChAoS] (3:47)

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