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Mashup-Germany – Vol.4 – Recycling Revolution

Mashup-Germany – Vol.4 – Recycling Revolution

Time for a revolution:
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40 years ago Rock’n'Roll changes the world. It changed the way people thought.
The Rock’n'Roll of the 21. century are Mashups.
They unite people and they pull down walls between people with different backgrounds.
Mashups are more than a music genre. It’s a way of living.
Be tolerant and open to everything and everyone that passes your way in your life.
Live your ideas and ideals and be creative.
Don’t let your government or your society allow deny your freedom in lifeor your personal evolution of creativity.
It’s about time that we stand up as the GENERATION MASHUP to tell the world what’s going on.
The only way to survive for a knowledge-based society is to allow and support creativity.
Go out there and explain to your neighbours, your local politicans and your friends what mashups and the future of our society is about.
It’s time for a revolution!
This is what I am fighting for and I know that I am not alone.
Let the revolution begin.
In your heads and in your hearts.

Mashup-Germany – Vol.4 – Recycling Revolution

Recycling Revolution - CD1
01 - Recycling Revolution Intro
02 - Revolution Jump
03 - Hit and Drop on all the Single Ladies
04 - Disco Pogo, Bon Voyage
05 - Replay Kids
06 - Liebeslied meets Satellite
07 - Pon de Limit Dreams
08 - Everybody Danse on Drug
09 - Teaching the ABCs
10 - Pirate's Ding
11 - Bonkids
12 - Whoomp that Arbeit nervt
13 - Schöne Zucker Welt
14 - Wipe Out Erdbeben (Sicher Digger)
15 - Kopf verloren to the top
16 - I like them all

Recycling Revolution - CD2
01 - Ice Cream Intro
02 - The Wavin' Flag Mashup
03 - Guten Morgen Berlin
04 - Meine Dancehall Freundin (Official Mashup)
05 - Relationships
06 - Heyail to the Soul Sister
07 - Hands down Fireflies, kiss me forever
08 - I made it on the first date (Hakuna Matata)
09 - Can you hear the Sirens coming
10 - I want to get away
11 - Island (Hep Hep)
12 - Baby, this Song is for you
13 - Wonderplanes
14 - This ain't a Symphonie
15 - Imagine One Day (so far away)
16 - Scheiß auf Facebook (Bonus Track)




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