Dienstag, 16. Oktober 2012

Mash-Up Your Halloween

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01. Danny Elfman vs. Petey Pablo vs. John Carpenter vs. Winchell Donuts - This Is Halloween [Cheekyboy]
02. Ray Parker Jr. vs. PSY - Gangnam Busters [Faroff]
03. Michael Jackson vs. Eumig & Chinon vs. Drake - Zombie Celebrities [Loo & Placido]
04. Deadmau5 vs. Alice Cooper vs. At The Gates - Ghosts And Fear For Halloween [DJ Schmolli]
05. Whitey vs. The Rolling Stones - Wrap The Devil Up [ElectroSound]
06. Alice Cooper vs. Peaches vs. Oingo Boingo - Frankenbooted [King Of Pants]
07. 666 vs. Charlie Daniels - Devil Mix [DJ John]
08. Bobby Pickett vs. Echo & The Bunnymen - The Killing Mash [mARKYbOY]
09. The Hives vs. Screaming Lord Sutch vs. Arctic Monkeys - Jack The Monkey [Pilchard]
10. Rocky Horror Picture Show vs. Snow Patrol - Chasing The Time Warp [DJ Schmolli]
11. Within Temptation vs. Natalia Kills - Zombie What Have You Done [Dan Mei ft. Colatron]
12. Iron Maiden vs. Eminem - Fear Of The Closet [DJ Topcat]
13. Kraddy vs. Slayer - Raining Blood & Android Porn [Bonus Mosh]
14. ACDC vs. Van Halen - The Devils Highway [Wax Audio]
15. Flo Rida vs. Napoleon XIV - Take Me Away [Frog The Dawg]
16. And One vs. The Automatic - Driving With My Monster [DJ Morgoth]
17. Mike Oldfield vs. Korn - Falling Away From X [Overdub]
18. Depeche Mode vs. Blue Oyster Cult - See The Reaper [DJ MikeA]

presented & compiled by DJ Morgoth:

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