Sonntag, 28. Juni 2009

Mash-Up Your Bootz Party Sampler Vol. 25

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01. Gloria Gaynor vs. Fall Out Boy - Fall Out Gloria [Mighty Mike] (3:14)
02. George Harrison vs. Lil' Kim vs. Notorious B.I.G. - Got My Crush Set On You [DJ BC] (4:08)
03. Journey vs. Akon - Beautiful Journey [DJ MashUP] (5:25)
04. Ladyhawke vs. Usher - Lady And The Usher [Divide & Kreate] (3:02)
05. La Roux vs. The Kooks - In For The Kooks [The Reborn Identity] (3:30)
06. Get Cape Wear Fly vs. Peter Fox vs. Black Eyed Peas vs. The Contours - Alles So Boom Boom Pow Neu [Mashup-Germany] (3:12)
07. The Cars vs. Lady Gaga - Poker Face (Just What I Needed) [Party Ben] (3:07)
08. Daft Punk vs. Limp Bizkit - Rollin' Robot [PhatBastard] (4:53)
09. Snap vs. Timbaland feat. Keri Hilson - Rhythm Is The Way I Are May [Dan Mei] (3:41)
10. Stardust vs. Reel2Real - Move It Music Sounds Better With You [Dr.Waumiau] (6:04)
11. Kid Cudi & Crookers vs. Pink - Get The Day 'n' Night Started [Pheugoo] (3:50)
12. Deadmau5 vs. Metallica - ElectroSandman [Dunproofin'] (6:50)
13. Coldplay vs. Thin White Duke vs. The Police - Put On The Red Light [DJ Lobsterdust] (4:33)
14. Yo Majesty vs. Yazoo vs. Salt n Pepa vs. Ce Ce Penniston - Finally Don’t (Let) Go [DJ Y alias JY] (4:09)
15. Hustle Athletics vs. Eagles - San Fransisco vs. Hotel California [Aggro1] (6:16)
16. The Game feat. 50 Cent vs. Aretha Franklin - Who's Hating Who [locK3Down] (3:56)

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3 Kommentare:

Spentamanyu hat gesagt…

I love your job, most of the mashups are master pieces, even better than the separeted originals. Keep on it.

Max hat gesagt…

Der Sampler ist gut, aber nicht soo gut wie die vorrangegangenen! Sorry...

Esther hat gesagt…

I am your biggest fan!!! Loooove the Gnarls/Supertramp mix, your mashups have given my life a whole new dimension. These tunes make me very happy, thank you. Will come and celebrate in Berlin one of these days